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RULES ON THE WATER THE RULES ON THE WATER Avoiding accidents on the water becomes harder and harder as more people take to the water each year. On lakes like Sidney Lanier, Burton, Hartwell and Rabun there are thousands of boats on the lakes every weekend. Everyone that operates a boat owes...

BUI - Georgia Boating Under the Influence Penalties

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BUI - Georgia Boating Under the Influence Penalties BUI - Georgia Boating Under the Influence Punishments Anyone convicted of a BUI, will be guilty of a misdemeanor; if it is a third conviction then it will be considered a high and aggravated misdemeanor; and a fourth conviction will be a fel...

How to Pronounce Voir Dire

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As a defense attorney, you should have four (4) goals in mind while going through voir dire and picking a jury. The four (4) goals are as followed: Personalize your client Establish rapport with the jury Pick an impartial group of people to hear your client’s case Educate the jurors about your theory of the case

St. Patrick's Day DUI

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Georgia's largest St. Patrick's Day party is always in Savannah and this year will feature some four leaf clover decorations as the Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) gets ready for the busy drinking holiday with thousands of drink coasters designed to deter DUI and encourage finding a so...


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DUI and the EYE TESTAfter being arrested for DUI in Georgia the officer will ask if they can examine your eyes. This eye test has a fancy name called Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. In Georgia, most officers are taught how to administer this test; however the test is not as easy as you may think. Even...

Fighting a DUI Charge

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With proper legal representation, like Sam Sliger, you can enter a plea of “not guilty,” which will begin the process of contesting your DUI charges. You are considered innocent until proven guilty, and just because you are charged with a DUI does not mean you are automatically guilty.


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CONTACT AN ATTORNEY. You have the right to an attorney. This piece of information is crucial to your case. If you have been arrested, it is strongly advised that you contact legal counsel immediately following your arrest! In the event that you are arrested for a DUI charge, you need an attorney who is experienced and handles DUI cases on a regular, every day basis.

Under 21

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The punishments following a minor in possession of alcohol and even a DUI for someone under the age of 21 can be brutal and harsh. No one wants an adult, much less a minor, to be charged and convicted of a DUI, so that is why you need to seek legal representation as quickly as possible. Defending such cases of minors in possession of alcohol or DUI are very tedious cases that, if an attorney is experienced enough, he or she can possibly find where officers made mistakes while making the arrest or other openings that allow the evidence collected to be challenged by the defense.

Busiest Night of the Year

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Busiest Night Of The Year Gainesville, Georgia November 25, 2014. The busiest night of the year for bars is the night before Thanksgiving. Everyone from college students to family members come back to their hometown. Going out for a drink allows us the chance to see who is back in town and wha...

Georgia State Highway 365 Dangerous

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Georgia State Highway 365 Still Dangerous The intersections of Georgia's State highways are some of the most dangerous in the entire state. The law firm of McDonald & Cody has developed a niche for representing drivers who have been injured on Georgia Highway 365 and Georgia Highway 985 as ...


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How an administrator of a blood test goes about drawing the blood can greatly affect how the results of the blood test are going to read. False positive readings can occur just because of the way the blood is drawn with a margin of error as high as 50%. The way blood is drawn is a very sensitive and particular medical procedure that majority of the people administering the test do not acquire the training for.

Urine Test - Drug Dui

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Even though the effects of THC in marijuana have worn off, it does not mean that it cannot be detected in your system anymore. In fact, depending on your size, weight, height, and gender, THC can be detected in your bloodstream anywhere from ten to thirteen (10-13) days. Why is this?

DUI & Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 Diabetes May Give False DUI Reading Recently, Sam Sliger of McDonald & Cody, LLC (criminal division) had an acquittal due to the client's medical condition. The condition was diabetes. This is a very misunderstood area in DUI law. It has happened to almost everyone getting pulled o...

Out Of State DUI Charges

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Out Of State DUI Charges Unfortunately, you or a loved one have just been arrested for a DUI. That is a scary enough feeling on its own, but what happens when you are arrested for a DUI in a state other than your home state? What are the consequences for that state? What are the consequences f...

Georgia Child Endangerment

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DUI with a Child in the Car  Recently driver's have been charged with DUI and had their children in the car with them. Here are a few of the recent articles where Driver's in Georgia were charged with DUI and they had a child in the car: Woman DUI Arrested for Vehicular Homicide 2 Counts (Septem...

Road Rage

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Intentional Tort – Road Rage Settlement After Litigation Filed Plaintiff, Michael Bradbury, was a resident of Georgia. The driver of a truck intentionally ran over Michael Bradberry. The driver of the truck intentionally caused the accident. A lawsuit was filed in Forsyth County State Court (whe...

Motorcycle Helmet Laws In Georgia

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Georgia Helmet Laws Most say that motorcycles are death traps on two wheels. There are others who say riding a motorcycle is therapy to them. A segment says that riding a motorcycle is the biggest adrenaline rush of their lives. Whichever way you want to look at it or whatever your perception on...

Mental Illness

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Mental Illness:  Plea of Insanity Mental illness or pleading mentally instability at the time of committing a crime is an often used defense to a criminal violation. What does it really mean to be “mentally unstable” at the time of committing a crime? Mental Illness Defined Pleading not guilty...

Assault & Battery

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Assault & Battery:  What Is The Difference? Often times the charge of assault and crime of battery are confused. Each crime involves either actual physical contact or perceived physical harm. Each crime can be either a misdemeanor or felony offense depending on what the common law states....

Boating Accidents in GA

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Boating Accidents On Lake Burton and Lake Rabun The law firm of McDonald & Cody, LLC has litigated 5 wrongful death cases in the past 5 years that involve the death or serious injury to either boaters or swimmers on Lake Burton and Lake Rabun. Many of these boating related injuries could hav...

Texting and Driving

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Cell Phones: The New Killer On The Road Almost everyone you come in contact with in this day and age has a cell phone. We use them in our every day lives. Send emails, make phone calls, take pictures, update social media, send text messages, and many other things. What about people using them wh...

Police Chase

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Innocent Killed in High Speed ChaseThe law firm of McDonald & Cody in Cornelia Georgia announces a significant settlement in the wrongful death of Mr. Riggins. The settlement was reached after expert Geoffrey Alpert gave his final report. Geoffrey Alpert is an expert in the use of deadly forc...

Side of the Road Breath Test

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Side of the Road Breath Test Imagine: a police officer in northeast Georgia pulls you over because he sees you are not wearing your seat-belt. He walks up to the car and starts talking with you. You have had a few beers with dinner and are headed home. The officer smells the alcohol on your brea...

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