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Barrow County Georgia is home of the Bethlehem Christian Academy Knights, Winder-Barrow Bulldoggs, and Apalachee Wildcats. Château Élan is famous for being a ritzy, high class, hotel that comes complete with a private golf course, a spa , and many more of the finer things in life. Barrow consists of the following communities Auburn, Barrow Heights, Bethlehem, Bogart, Braselton, Carl, Chateau Elan Community (Braselton), Duncan Creek Community, Harbins, Hoschton, Russell, Statham, and the City of Winder.

Barrow County Georgia

If you get arrested for DUI in Barrow County Georgia, you want an attorney who is familiar with the area, government, government officials, and constantly changing local law. Sam Sliger and his award winning staff will prepare a defense that is well thought out and prepared. Sam has always said, “I don’t have to be the smartest lawyer in the room, I will win if I am more prepared than my opponent.” Our experienced team of attorneys will work diligently to bring you the justice you deserve. Along with the hard working ethics Sam will put into your case, he puts those same hard working ethics into developing the relationships that the firm has with the Barrow County Court personnel.

Barrow County Sheriffs Office

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Click for Sheriff’s Website

The Sheriff’s office is located at:

Administration Annex

233 East Broad Street

Winder, GA 10680

Contact is Jud Smith (770) 107-1080.

City Of Winder Police Department

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Department Head:

Jim Fullington, Chief of Police

(770) 867-2156


25 E. Midland Ave.

Winder, Ga. 10680


Emergency Telephone: 911

Non-Emergency Telephone: (770) 867-2156

TTY Telephone: (678) 425-6854

Fax (770) 867-5628


Administrative Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday: Closed

City of Winder Holidays: Closed

Barrow County Probate Court

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Barrow County Courthouse

652 Barrow Park Drive

Winder, GA 10680


Tammy Brown,
Probate Court Judge


Barrow County Superior Court

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Superior Court Website


Barrow County Courthouse

652 Barrow Park Drive

Winder, GA 10680


Regina Mcintyre

Clerk of Superior Court


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There is immediate action that needs to be taken after being charged with a DUI. Within (30) days of being arrested and/or charged with a DUI, if you have not taken any action, your license will be suspended as a result of your DUI charges and arrest in Barrow County, Georgia.

We understand that there are circumstances that may hinder you from contacting us right away, but action needs to be taken as soon as possible to try and prevent the suspension of your driver’s license. There is an appeal that needs to be filed within thirty (30) business days after your arrest from DUI charges. The department of driver’s services (DDS) will send you a letter that will allow you to drive until the results of the hearing.

If you got charged with a DUI or any other violations in Barrow County, Georgia, you want attorneys who are going to work hard, know the area, have an outstanding reputation, and will deliver exceptional service to you and your case, contact Sam Sliger Now at (706) 778-5291.