DUI Defense

It is common belief that a conviction and severe penalties are inevitable once you have been pulled over and charged with a DUI.  Each year, thousands of people who face DUI charges successfully have their charges dismissed.  Optimizing your rights while keeping track of the legal side of DUI charges is a difficult task.  Choosing an experienced lawyer to take on your case is the most important part of a successful defense.

Your DUI defense starts the moment that you are pulled over.  The officer must have a reason for pulling you over and is required to state that reason.  Sobriety checkpoints and DUI roadblocks are controversial practices and can be challenged in court. Recently the law firm of McDonald & Cody had 26 cases dismissed in three jurisdictions for the failure to comply with proper road block procedure.

Field sobriety tests, such as the one-leg stand and the walk-and-turn, are often administered improperly.  The interpretation of results from such tests is subjective and often flawed.  In order for field tests to be admissible, at the time of arrest the officer must read you the state of Georgia’s implied consent notice.  They officer must not attempt to confuse you, and the notice must be read accurately.

Breathalyzer tests are often inaccurate, and can be affected by such circumstances as improper maintenance and operator error.  Even blood alcohol tests are subject to scrutiny as there is much room for procedural error in the process of taking, preserving, and processing the blood sample.

What Your Gainesville DUI Attorney Needs to Know

There are many important pieces of information that your DUI lawyer in Gainesville needs to know to build you a strong defense.  Your attorney must be informed of such important details as:

  • All of your actions on the day of your arrest
  • Your ability to operate a vehicle
  • The time period over which alcohol was consumed

Your DUI attorney in Gainesville also requires such information as:

  • The conditions of your arrest (why the officer stopped you, what tests were performed, were there any witnesses, etc.)
  • Whether the officer videotaped your arrest

Get Out of The Ditch

Do not let a charge of drunk driving or driving under the influence box you in.  Call Sam Sliger with McDonald & Cody, LLC in Cornelia at (706) 778-5291 today or send him an email at sam@mcdonaldcody.com to schedule your free initial consultation.  Learn what a difference a maverick can make.