Hall County Georgia covers the cities of Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Gainesville, Buford, Braselton, Lula, Clermont, and Gillsville. If your case is in the State Court of Hall County then you will be in front of one of three State Court Judges. Depending on your last name you will be assigned to one of the State Court judges either the Honorable Larry Baldwin, Gene Roberts, or Charles Wynne.

Judge Charles Wynne’s Office mailing address is:

Box 737, Gainesville, GA 10503

Office number is (770) 531-7007.

Judge B.E. Roberts Office mailing address is:

Box 1036, Gainesville, GA 10503

Office number is (770) 718-5143.

Judge Larry Baldwin’s Office mailing address is:

Box 3103, Gainesville, GA 10503

Office number is (678) 450-3720.

State Court is located downtown Gainesville, Georgia at 225 Green St., SE, Gainesville, GA 10501.

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If you get arrested for DUI in Hall County, Georgia, you want a local attorney who is familiar with the area, government, government officials, and constantly changing local law. That is just what the attorneys at McDonald and Cody have built in their resumes as well as years of experience and a winning streak that is sure to impress. McDonald and Cody, LLC has an award winning staff that has literally won hundreds of DUI cases, as well as cases that pertain to traffic violations. Our experienced team of attorneys will work diligently to bring you the justice you deserve. They have an impressive track record with the Hall County State Court and, with them handling your case, you will never have to worry about a surprise occurring. You can rest assured that your case is in the best hands that it could possibly be in and will be handled properly and professionally. The criminal defense attorney Sam Sliger will make sure that all your legal needs are satisfied. Along with the hard working ethics Sam will put into your case, he puts those same hard working ethics into developing the relationships that the firm has with the Hall County Court personnel in Habersham County, Georgia.

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There is immediate action that needs to be taken after being charged with a DUI, not only in Hall County, Georgia. Within (10) days of being arrested and/or charged with a DUI, if you have not taken any action, your license may be suspended as a result from your DUI charges and arrest in Hall County, Georgia. We understand that there are circumstances that may hinder you from contacting us right away, and that is quite alright, but action needs to be taken as soon as possible to try and prevent the suspension of your driver’s license. There is an appeal that needs to be filed within ten (10) business days after your arrest from DUI charges. It is called a 10-day letter or administrative license suspension appeal. The department of driver’s services (DDS) will send you a hearing date.

If you got charged with a DUI or any other violations in Hall County, Georgia, you want attorneys who are going to work hard, know the area, have an outstanding reputation, and will deliver exceptional service to you and your case, contact us today at McDonald and Cody, LLC.

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