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Sam Sliger, with the criminal division of the law firm of McDonald & Cody, LLC, is ready to work. Sam has undergone training from the prosecutors of the State of Georgia and is undefeated in his first 10 jury trials. Sam knows what it takes to win a case. A win is defined as (1) no jail (2) no loss of license (3) no DUI conviction on your record.

To be effective, you do not have to be the smartest lawyer in the room, but you have to be the most prepared. Sam has recently lectured other lawyers on how to prepare for jury trials.

Sam Sliger has an advantage by learning from some of the brightest lawyers in Georgia (such as Ben Sessions, Rick Ryzcek and Gus McDonald).

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Sam is primarily focused on alcohol related litigation, serious traffic injury and arrest as well as criminal misdemeanors and felonies.

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Sam Sliger is Available after hours – (706) 244-4994

If you are arrested over the weekend or late at night and have questions – Don’t wait until Monday morning. Evidence may be lost.  Ask Sam if you need to get an immediate blood test – ask Sam where to go to get independent testing – or better yet, Sam can call his investigators to interview everyone at the scene.

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If you have already been arrested for drunk driving, DUI or other serious injury charge, there is no time to waste. The Georgia Department of Driver Services must receive your written request for a hearing within thirty (30) days of your arrest. Call Sam today and get started on your defense & investigation. In your free initial consultation, you can raise your concerns about your North Georgia DUI charges and answer the questions he needs to begin an exhaustive investigation of the facts concerning your case.

Don’t Hire an Internet Only Lawyer

Do not let a charge of drunk driving or driving under the influence box you in. Call Sam Sliger in the Criminal Division of McDonald & Cody, LLC at (706) 778-LAW1 (5291) or sam@mcdonaldcody.comtoday to schedule your free initial consultation. Learn what a difference a maverick can make to protect your rights.

There is immediate action that needs to be taken after being charged with a DUI. Within (10) days of being arrested and/or charged with a DUI, if you have not taken any action, your license may be suspended as a result from your DUI arrest. This is a time sensitive issue and involves your driver license and privilege to drive on the highways of Georgia.

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“Attorney Sam Sliger, ESQ. is a dedicated and compassionate lawyer who is attentive to all of your needs. He listens to all your needs and handles everything in a professional manner. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is facing any kind of legal issues.  Thank you Sam!”



Gun Slinger

“Sam, THANK YOU again for everything you’ve done. You’re a gun slinger with a great shot. Glad we rolled the dice and I can put this behind me. My family and I are very great-full!! I did not want to plead guilty to anything and glad that you did not want to either. I would recommend Sam Sliger to anybody who does not want to plead guilty.”



Dedicated Lawyer

“Sam met with me right away after discussing my situation. We went through various possible outcomes based on the facts of my case. He worked long and hard and spoke with me often leading up to trial. Needless to say I was very please and thankful for my results. I highly recommend Sam for anyone needing legal advice.”



Blessing in Disguise

“Sam, I wanted to take this opportunity to confess that when I learned that a new associate was handling my case I was certain that Gus had just “handed me off” to the new guy…Turns out to have been a real stroke of luck! Thank you so much, and congratulations for your outstanding efforts and successful conclusion to my case. ”



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