Georgia Helmet Laws

Most say that motorcycles are death traps on two wheels. There are others who say riding a motorcycle is therapy to them. A segment says that riding a motorcycle is the biggest adrenaline rush of their lives. Whichever way you want to look at it or whatever your perception on motorcycles may be motorcycle accidents have been steadily increasing over the last several years. From 2001-2008, fatal injuries cause by motorcycles increased from 125,000 to 199,000, a stark difference of 74,000. The requirement of Georgia helmet laws are hotly disputed. Officials and motorcyclists have not always seen eye-to-eye on whether or not it should be at the discretion of the rider to decide whether a helmet is to be worn or if it should be in the hands of the officials. Northeast Georgia is a popular ride for many motorcyclists especially Helen and Dahlonega, Georgia.

Motorcycle Safety Laws

The biggest dispute over motorcycle safety laws is the requirement of a helmet. Each state has different views and opinions about this law. Georgia law states motorcyclists are required to wear helmets while operating a motorcycle on the road and this includes passengers. Other states like South Carolina and Florida go by the “those who ride decide” law, which basically means if you want to wear a helmet, wear one, if you do not want to wear a helmet, you do not have to. In states where a helmet is required, the helmet has to be DOT approved, which is symbolized by a sticker. The only time that a helmet speaker should be used is for communication purposes, not the recreational purpose of listening to music.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws By State

  • States that support wearing a helmet
    • Washington
    • Oregon
    • California
    • Nevada
    • Nebraska
    • Missouri
    • Louisiana
    • Mississippi
    • Alabama
    • Tennessee
    • Georgia
    • North Carolina
    • Virginia
    • West Virginia
    • Maryland
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Vermont
    • Massachusetts
  • States that Do not require a helmet
    • Montana
    • Idaho
    • Utah
    • Arizona
    • New Mexico
    • Alaska
    • Hawaii
    • Colorado
    • Texas
    • Wyoming
    • North Dakota
    • South Dakota
    • Minnesota
    • Wisconsin
    • Kansas
    • Oklahoma
    • Arkansas
    • Michigan
    • Indiana
    • Kentucky
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • South Carolina
    • Florida
  • States that do not have a law pertaining to helmets
    • New Hampshire
    • Iowa
    • Illinois

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

  • In the state of Georgia from 2007-2011,
    • on average, there have been 157 motorcycle fatalities over the course of 3 years
    • in the course of 4 years, there have been 758 fatalities
  • From 2009 to 2011, the number of alcohol related motorcycle incidents is 909.
  • From 2009 to 2011, the total number of fatalities in Georgia was 3,762.
  • Majority of fatalities in Georgia have happened in the bigger Atlanta cities
  • The top 10 Counties with the highest fatality rates are:
    • Fulton County
    • Dekalb County
    • Gwinnett County
    • Cobb County
    • Richmond County
    • Clayton County
    • Hall County
    • Carroll County
    • Chatham County
    • Bibb County

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