Georgia State Highway 365 Still Dangerous

The intersections of Georgia’s State highways are some of the most dangerous in the entire state. The law firm of McDonald & Cody has developed a niche for representing drivers who have been injured on Georgia Highway 365 and Georgia Highway 985 as a result of tractor-trailer operator negligence. As of this month, McDonald & Cody and partner, Gus McDonald, initiated two personal injury actions where citizens of the Habersham County area were at major intersections where there were no controlled access points. In each personal injury action, the operator of the tractor-trailer or driver was convicted of violating the Georgia Motor Vehicle Traffic laws.  In each case, the driver crossed over an intersection on Georgia Highway 365 and collided with another vehicle. In each personal injury action, Partner Gus McDonald represented the injured victim who did not violate the rules of the road.

In the first personal injury action, the operator of a motorcycle was enjoying his daily drive when suddenly and without warning, the driver of a Monte Carlo decided to pull out into the motorcycle’s path on Georgia Highway 365. The driver of the Monte Carlo was traveling near the intersection of Mud Creek and Crane Mill Road on Georgia Highway 365, which is a dangerous intersection. The Complaint filed by plaintiffs’ attorney, Gus McDonald, seeks a recovery of medical bills that are approaching $1,000,000.00. Gus McDonald has recovered over $40,000,000.00 in the previous 6 years; a large portion of that due, in part, to the uncontrolled access points to this major state highway and Habersham County intersections.

In the second personal injury action, a tractor-trailer pulled into the path of a driver as she was on her way to work. The driver was cited for failure to yield to oncoming traffic. The tractor-trailer driver plead guilty to that charge and paid all fines. It was later discovered that the driver had a history of these types of infractions. Based, in part, on the driver’s history and the company’s knowledge of this fact, Gus McDonald included the insurance company and the leasing company in the lawsuit, under a theory of negligent entrustment.

On Georgia State Highway 365, there are several accident prone/hazardous intersections:

  • Mud Creek Road on 365
  • Crane Mill Road on 365
  • Mt Zion Road on 365
  • Alto Mud Creek Road on 365
  • Wilbanks Road and Level Grove Road on 365
  • Cannon Bridge Road and Demorest Highway on 365
  • 441 Cannon Bridge Road on 365

Gus McDonald, partner in McDonald & Cody, will initiate a lawsuit on behalf of a client if the insurance company denies liability or fails to comply with a demand for policy limits within a 10 day time period.

Our goal is to move the case forward and either settle or obtain a jury verdict. The law firm of McDonald & Cody has five of the largest recoveries in the adjoining counties within the past 6 years. With a team of lawyers and staff to litigate cases with corporations and insurance companies, the law firm competently handles every case with maximum recovery.  To learn more about the deadly intersections on Georgia Highway 365, please visit McDonald & Cody’s Litigation page.

Also, visit the web pages of McDonald & Cody to learn more about Gus McDonald and Gerald Cody’s recent recoveriesat these dangerous intersections. Feel free to contact Gus McDonald at (706) 778-5291, or cell (678) 446-9216 if the accident occurs after hours or during the weekend.