Fighting a DUI Charge

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How can a DUI conviction affect you?

Getting arrested alone is a hard reality to face, much less getting arrested and charged with a DUI (driving under the influence). Many people only see two options to dealing with a DUI: pleading guilty or contesting the charge. Both options have their positive and negative aspects, but to be sure that you are making the correct decision regarding your charges, you need an experienced attorney that will fight hard for your rights. Sam Sliger with McDonald & Cody is the attorney you need if you are arrested in the northeast Georgia area. Sam will handle your case professionally and make sure that all your legal needs are satisfied. He has the knowledge and experience to get your DUI charges reduced or outright dismissed.

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As previously stated, both options (pleading guilty to or contesting the DUI charge) have positive and negative aspects. However, pleading guilty to a DUI charge could have more negative repercussions in terms of the penalties that count against you in the long run. For example, pleading guilty to a DUI charge goes on your criminal record as well as your driving record. Having a DUI conviction on both of those records can be detrimental to you especially if your job requires you to drive often, such as a commercial truck driver.

You do not want to plea guilty. Contesting the DUI charge may be the route to take for you depending on the details pertaining to the arrest and how the DUI conviction will affect you in the long run. Again, it is advised to contact legal counsel prior to making any decision and it could possibly be in your best interest to have legal representation present whenever you have to appear in court for your DUI charge.

DUI Charge/Conviction & Your Employment

A DUI conviction can severely harm you when seeking employment. If you are a commercial truck driver and have your CDL's (commercial driver's license), then there is a strong possibility that your CDL's could be suspended, which means that you will lose your job as a commercial truck driver. Also, a DUI is a criminal offense that goes on your criminal record if convicted. This means that the conviction can show up if a background check is issued against you for employment. If an employer requests to view your criminal history, just having the criminal conviction of a DUI can give the impression of poor decision-making, which in turn can lead to the assumption of poor performance in the work place. In the state of Georgia, an employer can turn you down due to the fact that you have a criminal record and because of all the reasons previously listed (poor decision-making, which leads to poor performance in the work place, etc.).

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How can you fight a DUI charge?

With proper legal representation, like Sam Sliger, you can enter a plea of “not guilty,” which will begin the process of contesting your DUI charges. You are considered innocent until proven guilty, and just because you are charged with a DUI does not mean you are automatically guilty. Sam is an experienced attorney who will investigate your case and will present the best defense. For example, field sobriety tests are designed for the one who is being tested to fail whether he or she is sober or intoxicated. If you have a disorder that affects your balance and coordination, Sam can bring that before the judge and that evidence could be dismissed or not admitted into court. Even if Sam cannot get your case completely dropped, he can possibly get your charge reduced.

Who should I contact?

If you are charged with a DUI, there is only one attorney to call. Sam Sliger with McDonald & Cody is the only criminal defense attorney for you. Sam will work diligently to examine all the details of your case to help determine what is going to be the best route for you. The details of your case can determine whether your DUI charge can be dismissed or reduced, but only an experienced attorney like Sam Sliger can determine what will be the best course of action for your case to take. With your case in Sam's hands, you can rest assured that your case is in the best possible hands that it could be in and that Sam will handle your case professionally, properly, and with great care. Contact Sam today with McDonald & Cody and let him help protect your rights.

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