If you are pulled over for drinking and driving in Hall, Habersham, White or Lumpkin County over the New Year’s Eve holiday, you won’t be able to refuse a blood test to prove it.

The Georgia State Patrol will be out in a show of force and traffic safety enforcement will continue throughout the weekend. State troopers will be on patrol and working seat belt, sobriety and license checkpoints.

There are offenses in the state of Georgia that are inordinately serious and of those offenses the most serious misdemeanor is a DUI. If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, there are several steps that you should educate yourself on and follow so that the best results possible for your case occur. One thing that you should be conscious of is that law enforcement and prosecution are going to be looking for evidence to build a DUI case against you. They are looking for a DUI conviction. It is up to you, or your attorney if you seek legal counsel, to prove your innocence. Either the jury in a jury trial or judge in a bench trial can determine whether or not you are innocent or guilty, but it is up to your or your attorney to prove beyond all belief that you are innocent. It is strongly advised that you seek legal counsel and if you are arrested in the northeast Georgia area, there is only one DUI-criminal defense attorney you should contact and that is Sam Sliger with McDonald & Cody. Located in the office off of highway 365 in Alto, Georgia, Sam will work diligently and investigate all the details surrounding your arrest. In doing so will help Sam build a case that could possibly result in your DUI charge being reduced or dismissed in its entirety. Contact Sam Sliger today and let him fight for your rights!

What steps should I take to fight the DUI charge?

Initially, there are two (2) steps that you should take that will help you in terms of your DUI case. The steps are as followed:

  1. REMAIN SILENT. You have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. There are many ways that prosecutors and law enforcement officers can twist your words in order to build a DUI case against you, so it is important for you to exercise your right to remain silent. Do not answer any questions or try to explain yourself before consulting a defense attorney.
  2. CONTACT AN ATTORNEY. You have the right to an attorney. This piece of information is crucial to your case. If you have been arrested, it is strongly advised that you contact legal counsel immediately following your arrest! In the event that you are arrested for a DUI charge, you need an attorney who is experienced and handles DUI cases on a regular, every day basis.

Who should I contact?

Sam Sliger with McDonald & Cody is the only attorney that you want handling your case. Sam is the criminal defense attorney with McDonald & Cody and he will work diligently to build a case in your favor against your DUI charges. Sam will investigate every detail of your arrest and create an argument that is sure to satisfy your legal needs. You are innocent until proven guilty, and facing a DUI charge is difficult, but with Sam handling your case, you can rest assured that your case is in the best possible hands that it could be. Sam will handle your case professionally, properly, and will fight hard for your rights and the justice that you so rightfully deserve. Contact Sam Sliger with McDonald & Cody today and let him handle your DUI case.