Gainesville, Georgia November 25, 2014. The busiest night of the year for bars is the night before Thanksgiving. Everyone from college students to family members come back to their hometown. Going out for a drink allows us the chance to see who is back in town and what’s been going on since we saw them last thanksgiving. Also, many people do not have to work on Thanksgiving Thursday so Wednesday night is perfect for some late night drinks.

Tomorrow will be the night before Thanksgiving and it will officially kickoff the holiday season. Unfortunately because many people will be out at the bars drinking there will be those that have too much fun and then make some bad decisions. Some people will drink to much and drive, running the risk of being arrested, or far worse — being involved in, or causing a crash, injuring themselves or others.

Before you kickoff the holiday here are a few reminders to keep your holiday safe and fun:


Because of the crowds the bars will fill up quick and the lines will grow. There will be lines to get in lines to order a drink and lines to use the bathroom. As the night goes on the lines will get longer and longer. So if you don’t want to wait forever get out early. This goes both ways get downtown early and get back home early.


If you had some drinks and then get on the roads you are more likely to be arrested on Thanksgiving Eve than on other night. The Georgia State Patrol and local law enforcement agencies increase boots on the ground for Thanksgiving holiday. Those that get behind the wheel after drinking, increase their chances of being arrested.


    Be mindful of prescription medications. Certain prescription drugs can affect your ability to drive. Many people think that just because the have a prescription to pain meds they can take them and drive; however this is not the case. Most prescription drugs should not be consumed with alcohol.


Last year, the Georgia State Patrol promised to ramp up monitoring and that the State Patrol’s Nighthawks division would be out in full force. Last year Georgia State Patrol reported 1,119 alcohol-related crashes during the 2012 holiday period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. Those incidents resulted in 679 injuries and 20 fatalities.


To be arrested for DUI you do not have to be drunk. An Officer is looking for certain actions from you that make him think you are not safe to drive. When an Officer believes that you are not safe to drive and there is some evidence of alcohol consumption then you may be arrested for DUI.


You should not rely on widgets or gadgets. There are gimmicks that are supposed to tell you your BAC and even connect to your iPhone or android smartphone. “There’s an app for that”, but don’t count on that device to tell you whether or not you should drive. It is not reliable and if you have to use one to determine whether you should drive then the answer is DON’T DRIVE. They are not accurate enough to keep you safe and will not help you to avoid being arrested. Further it will not help you that night and it most definitely will not help you after your arrest when you are in front of a judge in a courtroom.

There is immediate action that needs to be taken after being charged with a DUI in Georgia. Within (10) days of being arrested for a DUI, if you have not taken any action, your license may be suspended as a result from your DUI arrest in Georgia. There is an appeal that needs to be filed within ten (10) business days after your arrest from DUI charges.